Fierce & Mark

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Video Description: Recently, Fierce and Mark sucked each other off. Today, they've come back to finish off what they started. Both of them are hot for each other, and it totally shows in the way they interact in this scene.

Fierce starts off stroking his hog on the couch alone, when all of a sudden a mask man comes into the room. He sneaks up behind Fierce and covers his eyes. When Fierce is able to see again, he has a stiff cock in his mouth, and there's a hot bodied guy pumping his face. What a pleasant surprise Fierce thinks.

After getting sucked, the masked man bends Fierce over and slides his cock into his ass. The man pounds that ass.The two move from through a handful of position, with the masked man slamming Fierce's ass harder and faster as time goes by.

When the man feels his balls tightening, he stands up and jerks himself off, literally spaying Fierce from head to toe with tasty man-milk. Fierce is so turned on, that he himself explodes into a creamy orgasm.



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