Fierce & Mark

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Starring Mark, Fierce
Video Description: Fierce is back this week, and he has a friend coming over for some play. That friend would be Mark, the cop-in-training that is just learning how to have fun with guys.

When Mark shows up, he interrupts Fierce, who was just getting his cock warmed up during his time alone. When Mark comes in, the two immediately gravitate to each other, stripping down, kissing and rubbing each other. Fierce starts servicing his buddy's cock first, making Mark moan in pleasure.

When it's Mark's turn, he grips Fierce's thick cock, examining the mammoth tool before he puts it into his mouth and starts sucking it. The two please each other for a good while before Fierce can't handle it anymore and explodes, with his balls emptying onto his stomach and hand. Mark cums seconds later, shaking and moaning as his cock throbs, shooting streams of jism onto his chest and arms.


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