Fox & Lincoln

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Video Description: A few of us were at this poppin' club in downtown wherever; one of those big cities that we've been too before. Anyway, we noticed these two studly looking guys getting pretty hot on the dance floor together. We moved to get a little closer, and guess who they were? Fox and Lincoln Echo. We were totally taken back.

The last time we had saw fox, he wouldn't do any gay work. After the set of songs, we caught up with them at the bar. We chatted for a while, and at the end of the night, we asked if they wanted to do a scene together for us...

We are pleased to say that they accepted our offer. So enjoy as these two studs kiss, rub, suck and fuck all over the living room. Fox ends up taking that big chocolate hog in his ass and then begs for his friend to cum all over his face.

No joke, these two make it HOT!


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Next Door Buddies

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