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Video Description: This week, we welcome Freddy, who is 21 years old and comes to us from the Midwest.
Freddy tells us that he's really into the body and enjoys showing off to people that enjoy watching.
Currently, he's in school studying to be a web designer. One day maybe he'll have his own porn site? When he's not at school, he says he really likes spending time with his 'lover' Stephanie, who he's known since 5th grade.
For Next Door Male, Freddy isn't shy. While sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels, he comes across a porn playing. Lucky for him, we don't mind being in the same room as a guy masturbating; so that's what he does. He gets very hard, but he didn't want to blow just yet, so he decides to cool down in the shower.That hit the spot!
Freddy is definitely ready to empty his balls, so he lies on the bed and beats his dick rapidly until he's grunting and flinging cum all over the place.
It looks to us like Freddy's tired and wants to take a nap...And that's just what he does.


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