Hank & Wes

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Starring Wes, Hank
Video Description: Hank and Wes were at the gym on Friday working out and getting ready to hit the town.

We have known these two for a while now and have been trying to them to come back to our place after a workout to relieve some stress. I guess this week was a stressful one because they had no hesitation and followed us back to the house. Hank and Wes are two studs that spend as much time in the gym as our crew does, except they are usually working out and we are looking for cock to film =).

These two are best friends and have no problem pulling out there fat dicks in front of each other and relaxing to a good flick.

The cocks on these guys are even more amazing than we could have hoped for and they both know how to show them off. These guys sure needed a release as there must have been a lot of built up tension in Wes because we have never seen a guy who could blow his load clear over his head and decorate our walls, UNTIL NOW!


Next Door Buddies

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