Hidden Pleasure

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Video Description: Andrew Markus finishes his shower and is toweling off as he comes out of the bathroom. Hiding under a blanket, Devin Thilo pops out from under and startles a clearly unsuspecting Andrew. But no matter, as long as he's here, he might as well make himself useful, so Andrew shoves his cock into Devin's mouth, who sheds the cover of his blanket to reveal himself naked and willing, deepthroating Andrew's cock and running his fingers up Andrew's chest. Andrew throws him onto the bed and begins to return the favor, and once hard, Devin flips Andrew over and begins to moisten his ass for things to come. Andrew moans in pleasure and anticipation as Devin continues to tongue his asshole, before slapping his hard cock against the hole and rubbing its head against Andrew's taint. Hungry and eager for the cock, Andrew implores Devin to plunge it in, which Devin does obligingly, working it in slowly then thrusting with increased intensity, flipping over onto his back and letting Andrew ride and grind on him, then flipping Andrew onto his back and fucking him hard as Andrew strokes his cock and jizzes all over himself. Devin then pulls out and blasts Andrew with a hot load that sends both guys right back to the showers.



Next Door Twink

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