JC & Matt Ryder

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Starring JC, Matt Ryder
Video Description: We had this skinny, good looking guy named J.C. comes in for an interview the other day. We've been pretty busy gathering new talent, and this day, we had back to back auditions scheduled. While J.C. is stoking himself for the audition, to everyone's surprise, our next audition barges into the room and starts sucking J.C.'s cock. So when our cameraman comes back into the room, he's taken back at what he sees. But he works with it, and says 'we'll just have to film this as a scene'.

So Matt gobbles down J.C.'s oversized cock, while he strokes himself as well. J.C. starts to tense, shutters, and then squirts a nice stream into and onto Matt's mouth. Matt continues to milk the slowly deflating cock, making J.C. moan. Matt hasn't gotten off yet, and he's super horny now, so he strokes himself off right onto the floor. What a guy!


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