Jake & Riley Shy

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Video Description: Jake sure likes his porn, and he's always looking for an extra few minutes of his day to sneak off and rub one out really quick. Today Jake thought he was going to have at least 15 minutes before Riley showed up, so he stripped down and started to stroke his cock to some newly purchased porn.

Fortunately for us, Riley shows up before Jake finishes and offers to help his buddy by giving him a blowjob. Jake doesn't refuse.

Jake starts to feel guilty that he's not helping out Riley, so they switch for a quick minute and Jake services his pal for a moment. Riley happens to like giving oral more than receiving, so they go back to their first position. When Jake cums, he stands up and showers Riley's chest and stomach.

To our surprise, Jake then leans over and starts to lap up his own jizz. This also excites Riley, who doesn't hold back and starts squirting all over himself, mixing the two young men's cum.


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