James & Wolf Hudson

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Video Description: That hottie Wolf Hudson is back and this time he's looking to get his hole stretched by a big cock. Who was willing to pound his tight ass? None other than the slim skater James with his thick 9 incher.

The two were stroking off outside on the love seat the other day, so we got the cameras rolling and told them to put on a show. After beating meat for a bit, Wolf leans over and blows his buddy. James then returns the favor before Wolf starts fingering his ass the get it ready for the large dick that was to come. When James tried to slide his cock into Wolf, he had to push with all his might to get it into that tight hole. Once in, James gives Wolf a good pumping, slamming his ass and making him moan in pain and pleasure; a great combo for the experienced bottom.

When it's time to cum, the two lay back and stroke themselves off. Both of them shoot streamy loads all over their chest and abs.



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