Jessie Cox & Samuel

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Video Description: Jessie had some time alone, so he decided to play with a recently purchased dildo.

As Jessie lay on the floor, prodding his ass with the lubed toy, Samuel decided to burst through the door, surprising his friend. Samuel doesn't mind seeing Jessie play with himself, and he's actually turned on by it. Jessie would rather play with a partner anyway, so he grabs Samuel and brings him into his world, stripping him down, kissing and rubbing all over his body.

The two move to the bed, kissing and sucking each other the whole way. After Samuel rims Jessie, he gets under his buddy and slowly slides his throbbing cock into his ass. Jessie loves getting pounded in his tight hole.

The two go at it for a good amount of time, switching positions throughout. Both of them get off and shoot nice sized loads onto each other.

These guys are really into each other and it shows. This scene is full of passion, lust and...kinkiness.



Next Door Buddies

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