Kale Max

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Starring Kale Max
Video Description: Kale Max is that guy that gets all the girls, and guys, drooling over him when he's working out at the gym. And that's every day. Even though he gets all that attention, he hasn't let it go to his head. He's very nice, polite and has quite the sense of humor.

He's done a scene here and there for us, so it was only a matter of time that he popped up here on StrokeThatDick. We hope you enjoy this young stud!


1.Occupation: Student

2.Sexual orientation: Straight

3.Favorite position: All of them

4.Astrological sign: Aquarius

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 16

6.Biggest Turn on: Blondes

7.Biggest Turn off: Freckles

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Brooke Hogan

9.Favorite food: Salad

10.Best physical feature: Stomach


1.Age: 22

2.Cock Length: 8'

3.Cock Girth: 5.75'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home state: CA

6.Height: 6''

7.Weight: 180

8.Shoe Size: 12

9.Waist size: 32

10.Eye color: Hazel

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