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Video Description: If you like big muscles, a big cock, and a huge cum shot, you're going to love Ken. At the young age of 22, Ken has been working on his ripped body since he was 15. As you'll see, he takes his workouts very seriously.

Aside from bulging muscles, Ken is packing a 8.5 inch uncut cock that has the ability to squirt cum a foot or more OVER his shoulder. Ya, this guy packs some serious heat.

For this scene, Ken first takes a dip in the hot tub to soothe his aching muscles. As he sits in the bubbling warm water, he begins to get hard thinking about his girlfriend Sanya. He figures that it'd be okay to stroke himself in the tub as long as he doesn't spew his load and clog the filter. After stripping down and teasing himself a bit, he gets out and walks into the house still wet and nude.

Ken strolls into the bathroom to give himself a gander in the mirror to make sure he's looking his tip-top best for the night of clubbing ahead. As he strips down to make sure he's looking fly in all layers of clothing, he decides to play with his cock a bit more before he moves to the bedroom where he lays down on the bed and strokes his long cock to a shooting conclusion, launching his load way over his left shoulder.It must be a chore for Ken to stroke off; having to practically wear a rain suit each time.

Enjoy this young, ripped stud.


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