Kenny & Phoenix

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Video Description: Kenny is back.
Phoenix is back.
So you know what that means...

We've got two seriously horny guys on our hands that enjoy making a bit of cash to get off. Plus, these two looove to showboat, so performing in front of the camera is nothing to them.

For this scene, we make it pretty basic. You'll have plenty of time to focus on both of these studs while they watch porn on the TV, chasing down their favorite orgasm.

Phoenix thinks he's going to cum first, but right before he blows, Kenny runs up to the camera and shoots his load, flinging his nut all over the place. To outdo his buddy, Phoenix then proceeds to deposit his cockjuice right onto our (expensive) camera. Thanks Phoenix!

You think it's over since both of them have cum....but being the natural show off that he is, Phoenix knows he can squeeze out another cumshot, so he quickly chases his second climax down by furiously beating his dick until he's shivering with pleasure and shooting cum onto his chiseled abs.

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