Kenny & Ricky M

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Video Description: Kenny's back and he has brought his newfound buddy Ricky M. with him to play.

The two were chillin' back in the pool last weekend when Ricky M. threw out the idea of going inside to have some fun. Kenny hadn't gotten any tail the night before, so he was looking to bust a nut. The two make their way into the house where Ricky M. lays down on the bed, already hard, waiting for Kenny to come over and give him a good sucking.

Kenny's jaw started to get tired after a good while of slobbering on Ricky M.'s uncut cock, so he was looking to get a favor in return. Since Ricky M. is a team player, he happily pleases his buddy, taking his long, cut cock into his mouth and twirling his tongue around Kenny's head. The two move into a 69 before they decide to jerk themselves off, squirting their cum all over each other in another spankin' hot scene here on NextDoorBuddies.



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Next Door Buddies

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