Kevin & Samuel

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Video Description: While on a recent trip to Canada, we had a chance to shoot a scene with Kevin, a23 year old car salesman who's been dying to get a chance to pound Samuel on camera.

Samuel was game so here they are, two dark haired studs that love cock, love ass and love cum.

The scene starts with the pair waking up from a long evening of clubbing. As they stretch and yawn, they basically roll into each other and immediately start kissing. This, of course, turns into Samuel taking Kevin's monstrous cock into his mouth to start this morning adventure.

After getting serviced, Kevin bends his friend over and slides his lubed up cock into the waiting ass. Kevin loves the feeling of a tight hole on his cock, so he takes his time and saviors this possible once in a lifetime chance to slam Samuel.

The two men really get into it, both of them delivering and having so much fun that after the cameras were off, they were still all over each other.



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