Kyle & Phoenix

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Video Description: Since we showed you Kyle Rivers a while ago, we've had nonstop requests for him to do more scenes. We can't ignore all the attention he is getting so we grabbed our other really popular stud, Phoenix and told them to go at it.

While Phoenix is sun bathing, enjoying the rays of light on his tanned skin, Kyle is doing some yard work. Phoenix notices Kyle watching him out of the corner of his eye, so he asks him if he wants to come up to the deck and join in on some fun. He does and things heat up really fast.

Kyle takes Phoenix's cock into his mouth, sucking the hardening member. Phoenix loves getting head, so he just kicks back and enjoys the fun.

Kyle sucks his friend all over the house, making sure Phoenix is on the verge of cumming for a long time. When the two young men release their pent up loads, Kyle River's really impresses by drenching himself with cum from cock to chin. Phoenix follows suit by splattering his ripped abs with his own man milk. A satisfying scene!



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