Kyle Rivers

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Video Description: Kyle Rivers is a new addition to our team of jocks with big cocks. Ever since doing a scene for us on, Kyle has been chomping at the bit to do more porn.
Here he is, going to show off what he does when he has a bit of time to himself, and an urge to get off.Kyle starts off relaxing on the couch, where he gets comfortable and eventually starts getting himself aroused by rubbing his hardening cock through his pants. Once erect, Kyle starts to stroke his cock, but not long enough to cum. He enjoys getting to the brink, then putting it away for a bit. He resumes his stroking when he dips into the warm, pulsating waters of our hot tub. He almost cums, but holds out once more, saying that it makes it feel so much better if you don't shoot right when you first feel you can. Hold out and get rewarded is his mantra.
Once he's ready to let his balls release their pent up load of man-milk, Kyle heads for the comfy bed, where he rolls around, enjoying the fluffiness of the down comforter. He strokes himself furiously, chasing down his well deserved orgasm. When he gets to that point, he keeps stroking, moaning and squirming, his cock starts to purge its load, shooting stream after stream of his seed onto his well defined stomach and chest. He squirts so much that when he's done, his cum is still rolling off of his sweaty body, wetting the bed.


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