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Video Description: This is Lucas, a 19 year old student and part time welder.
Lucas showed up for an audition with his girlfriend a few days before this shoot, eager to get in front of the camera do some work. He was really turned on by the fact that he and his girlfriend Allison would be able to watch his scenes on the site, anytime and from anywhere. We love enthusiastic people!
This young guy has a really nice body, and a cock that will make your jaw drop. At 9 inches long and just about half a foot in circumference, Allison is one lucky girl to have that thing all to herself.
We started the camera as Lucas was playing his new video game console his girl got him for Christmas. As he got frustrated from having to restart too many times, he decided to strip down and slowly stroke himself hard, which he thought would be much more fun and relaxing. Lucas told us that as much as he loves sex, there's nothing that will ever replace a good self-stroke.
Not trying to cum just yet, he redresses and goes out for a bit. When he comes back, Lucas pulls out his cock, lays on the bed, and starts up stroking again; this time with the intent on finishing himself...which he does. The orgasm has him shivering and moaning, as his large cock spurts his cum. Lucas then closes his eyes and dozes off for an afternoon nap.


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