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Categories Amateur, Blonde, Solo, Fraternity
Video Description: This week, we bring to you to studly, ultra-hung jock named Matthew.
He comes from Colorado, where he works at the front desk of a gym. You can tell he likes his body and works out from his bulky arms, to his well defined abs.
Matthew just turned 22 less than two weeks ago. He says it was not as cool as turning 21, but his 19 year old girlfriend Kylie had a surprise waiting for him in the form of her AND one of her hottest girlfriends.A night to remember, Matthew tells us. We bet!
This ex high school basketball star is kicking back in the kitchen when he has the urge to touch himself. From there, he moves to a more comfortable seat in the living room, where he's completely unrobed and stroking at full speed. Since he doesn't want to cum just yet, he teases himself, and then puts his horse cock away for a latter spanking.
When he's ready to unload his balls, Matthew flops on the bed, humps it a bit to get hard again, then strokes his shaft until he's moaning and rolling his head back and forth in orgasmic ecstasy.


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