Oliver Youngblood, Ryan Andrews

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Video Description: We're assuming you've seen the slim and hung Oliver Youngblood in his first scene a few updates ago, and we're also assuming you've seen the submissive Ryan Andrews in action as well. For this update, we've coupled the two to bring you some seriously deep ass penetrating action. The two begin with a conversation about tattoos but the conversation quickly changes to a more kinky topic: Cock size. Oliver has pretty much ever beaten in this category but most don't believe it until they see it, and once Ryan sees it, it's only a matter of time before he can't resist the urge to put that huge hog into his moouth...and then his ass. Oliver isn't greedy when it comes to sex, so after pounding his friend, he opens up his hole and lets Ryan slide his hardon into it too, so no one feels left out. Enjoy!


Next Door Twink

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