Phenix Saint & Samuel

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Video Description: Samuel has volunteered to be the resident cocksucker for a few scenes. We don't mind, Phenix doesn't mind, and we're sure you don't mind.

Anyway, this is a pretty straightforward scene with Phenix(the other Phoenix) and Samuel. The two get right to the point while watching some porn in the bedroom. They strip down and start stroking their poles to the skin flick.

Of course a warm, wet mouth feels much better than a dry hand, so Phenix waves his cock at Samuel, inviting the stud to have a taste. Samuel devours the stiff cock, sucking on it and jerking it, trying to extract the sweet, warm goodness that is just waiting to burst out. And burst it does! Phenix covers Samuel's upper body with his cum, turning on the submissive hottie so much that he climaxes at the same time...adding his own manmilk to the stream already running down his body.

That's what we like to see!



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