Phoenix & Stewart

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Video Description: Stewart got a call from Phoenix the other day, asking him if he'd be down to come over and give him a massage...since Stewart is a certified masseur, it wasn't a problem.

Stewart was at Phoenix's door within 30 minutes. Phoenix lets the muscled hunk in and the two head to the living room where Phoenix strips and lies on his stomach, waiting for the rubdown to begin.Stewart oils his buddy up, and then starts slowly rubbing deep into Phoenix's muscles, releasing the stud's tension. Stewart gets a bit warm from all the movement, so he strips down to the nude and continues his massage.

Stewart notices Phoenix has a hard on, so he offers him the 'full service' option, which Phoenix happily agrees to.In the end, Phoenix gets his dick stroked, sucked and cums all over himself, and Stewart gets to suck on some hot cock and also cums all over himself. A happy ending to a great massage.



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