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Video Description: This week, we bring to you Phoenix. At an unbelievable 19 years old, he was introduced to us by our female model Ruby. And are we glad she did!
If you looked up the definition of stud in the dictionary, it would show a picture of him. He tells us he's been working out since the age of 14, and, yeah, it shows. But does he have the package to match the wrapping...oh yes he does. At a girthy 8 inches, this Italian girl-magnet has the tool to do the job right.
This is his first time ever in front of the camera, and he's not shy a bit. He happily stretches out on the couch to relax, rubbing himself hard. He loves the shower he mentioned, so we didn't stop him from some stroke time under the warm water. Finally, when he can't take it anymore and his balls are on the verge of exploding, he gasps and releases numerous streams of his cum. He then sighs and takes a nap.
This one will be a classic...enjoy!


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