Pool Fun Time

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Video Description: Tommy has a new friend to play with this week. His name is Peter Black and he's never done a scene before, let alone with a guy.

Peter is a 22 year old surfer and Tommy's looking forward to riding his wave. Okay, that was corny, but there's nothing goofy about this new guy. He's hot, hung and ready to party.

The two get down in the pool after playing some catch with the football. After horse playing in the water for a bit, Tommy makes his move and grabs a hold of Peters peter with his mouth, giving him a thorough suck down before getting out and toweling off.

Tommy sucks his new buddy some more before the stud cums in his mouth. Tommy lets the fresh jizz drool down his face like warm molasses. Peter then lets Tommy cum on his stomach. Another first for him.

Tommy had fun breaking in the new guy, hopefully you will too!



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Tommy D XXX

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