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Video Description: Ricky M. is a 22 year old fireman from the great city of Vancouver. You wouldn't believe how many people, including us, mistakenly took him for a famous singer. We'll let you fill in that blankRicky M. showed up on our doorstep, inquiring about the opportunities that we could present to a young man of his caliber. We believe we can make this guy a star, so we thought we'd throw him up on NextDoorMale to see what the response is.

Ricky M. has a great personality, being very friendly and courteous. He says he hadn't been very sexually active in his young life, mostly due to a strict upbringing, but is now opening himself up and looking to try new, fun experiences.

Well, Ricky M. sure does open up and shows us what he's all about. From stroking himself while eating some corn flakes, to finishing himself off in the bedroom after taking a shower. Ricky M. looks like he's going to go far.

Enjoy this fresh new face!


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