Cody and friends in hot steamy threesome

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Video Description: Recently Cody found himself walking in on the beautiful, slender Ruby taking a shower. To his surprise, she didn't notice him standing there, so he thought it would be really sexy to pull out his hog and tease himself a bit before heading to work.

It only took so long before Ruby noticed him jerking off, and to Cody's benefit, she motioned him over to her.

Fast forward a bit, Cody is balls deep inside of Ruby when Dylan McLovin makes his way into the bathroom. After doing the same thing Cody had done, Dylan is invited to join in on the wet fun.From the shower, they move into the bedroom where Dylan and Ruby share Cody's large member. When everyone's done, Ruby's covered in cum and the guys are ready for a cat nap.



Cody Cummings

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