Samuel & Sebastian

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Starring Samuel, Sebastian
Video Description: A few scenes ago, Sebastian, who is straight, lived out one of his fantasies, which was to suck his first cock.

Ever since then, he's wanted to take it to the next step and see what it's like to slide his thick cock into another mans ass. So we set things up to see what would happen.

Sebastian and Samuel start off by chilling out on the couch, watching something on the tube. Sebastian pulls his cock out and starts stroking it, with Samuel following suite shortly.Sebastian grabs Samuel and brings him over, shoving his hard cock into his buddies' mouth. He face fucks Samuel for some time.

He loves getting head, but wants to jump right into that ass, so Sebastian bends Samuel over and slowly puts his cock all the way into his ass. He only goes slowly for a short time, then starts to slam that ass.

Sebastian flips Samuel around, and tags his ass from a few different angles. Samuel gets so turned on by this straight guy fucking his ass; he starts cuming while Sebastian's cock is still in him, dumping his seed onto his stomach. Sebastian seems to love this; he pulls out and strokes himself to completion, his cock surging streams of cum onto Samuels's chest. This is a super hot scene!


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