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Categories Amateur, Solo, Fraternity, Twink
Video Description: Scott is a 24 year old auto mechanic who one of our staff members met while getting a state emissions inspection for her car.
He started hitting on her but she stopped him in his tracks explaining that she has a boyfriend already. She went on to suggest to him that he has a great look that would work well as a Next Door Male model. She gave him a card and a week later, he contacted us and was ready to go. When he arrived, he had just gotten off work and was very horny. He got right down to business. When he took off his clothes, he revealed an uncut cock so large, we wondered how much bigger it could possibly get when it gets hard. Well, we found out... and so will you.
For all of you who love uncut cocks, try this one on for size. Enjoy Scott as he enjoys himself, and as we welcome him as our latest Next Door Male.


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