See officer Cody becomes a bad cop

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Video Description: Oh boy, Kandi and her friends have been up to no good! Officer Cody Cummings is stopping by to investigate after neighbors have reported individuals traipsing around outside in the nude. Kandi and the guys were just talking about their upcoming Halloween party when Officer Cummings insists on taking a look around the house. Kandi leads him through to the bedroom, where good cop becomes bad cop!

Kandi is willing to 'work something out.' But what does the stern, muscular Officer Cummings mean by that? It means Kandi's gonna take a hard cock in order to learn not to fuck with the law. And while this officer's partner is waiting in the car outside, Kandi's slurping on some stiff consequences. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta enforce the penal code!



Cody Cummings

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