Shawn B

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Video Description: At only 24, Shawn sure has his life together and is headed toward big things.He has an incredible body, standing tall at 6'3'. He has a great cock, being 8 inches long and almost half a foot in circumference. But the most enjoyable aspect of this guy is his personality. He's so polite, yet take-charge. You can tell he's smart. He's also college educated, possessing a degree in economics.

Why is he doing porn? Because he enjoys the thought of someone else getting off to him getting off. He says he loves watching porn, so why not be part of it. We're glad he chose to show himself off. This is Shawn's second video for NextDoorMale. In this erection-causing scene, Shawn starts us off with some teasing in the computer room while he thumbs through a nudie-mag. Once he's had enough of the magazine, Shawn moves to the kitchen, where he strips down to just his underwear and strokes his horse-like cock while sitting on the counter, before grabbing his drawers and walking over to the window-chair, where he strokes himself to a creamy conclusion, spewing his milky seed all over his washboard abs.

This guy is a natural. He'll get you throbbing hard. We're sure.



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