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Video Description: Shawn is a 19 year old freshman in college.
He plays the drums in a band that he and his friends started 3 years ago. He says that he would ideally like to make it big some day playing music and that he'll probably finish college and then concentrate on helping his band get the exposure they want. Right now, however, he's content with just going to school and playing music gigs on the weekends. He told us about how his band has groupies that like to follow them around and how many of the girls have wanted to hook up with him. We're not surprised Shawn... with that killer body and those blue eyes, we're sure you've got the girls wrapped around your... um... fingers.
Watch Shawn in three scenes. He starts out in the living room then moves to the bedroom where he brings himself to an intense climax.
Then watch Shawn cool off in the shower afterwards.


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