Stairway to bisex games

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Video Description: This week, Cody wanted to have some fun...well, he always has fun doing his 'work', but he wanted to add some extra spice to this scene. That's where Dr. Cumming's comes, or should we say cums, into play.

Kelly Summers was feeling a woozy from jogging in the heat, and Taylor Aims was very concerned for her well being. When Dr. Cummings arrived, he agreed the situation was quite dire. That left only one treatment that would be sufficient enough to cure such an illness...a dose of two hard cocks, and that's exactly what these two hunks give her. Not to mention the kinky way Taylor pays Dr. Cumming's for his services. We won't give away all the details; you'll just have to see for yourself.



Cody Cummings

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