Steamy Jerking Off Duo

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Video Description: Tommy feels like being a masseur today.

Who's the lucky person you ask; none other than the handsome Phenix. No, not Phoenix, but Phenix, pronounced the same, but different guys. And that whore Tommy has been with both of them.

Once Phenix is nude and laid out on the massage table, Tommy begins the rub down. First drenching his new friend in some slick, shiny baby oil, Tommy then begins sliding his hands all over the glistening, soft skin.

Rolling him over, Tommy continues to rub the hunky San Diegan all over. When Tommy is read to make his move, he does it fast and doesn't wait for approval. He pulls Phenix's limp cock into his mouth. Sucking it ever so gently, the cock starts to become erect.

Once fully hard, Tommy goes to town. Bobbing his head and twirling his tongue, our favorite stud services Phenix's stiff cock like a champ.

Tommy doesn't charge for his services, but he does require a duo-jerk off to finalize things. Phenix doesn't mind, so the two guys sit on the table and tug their cocks. Tommy spurts first, making plenty of noise to let us know how great it feels to get off. He then rubs on Phenix's still lubed-up body, hoping his touch will help his friend cum quicker. It works and Phenix starts shooting off too, dumping his load onto his stomach. They both had fun!



Tommy D XXX

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