Samuel & Stewart

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Video Description: It's been about a month since we used Samuel to suck some cock. For this scene, we'll use him for that(his favorite activity), but we're also going to borrow his cock for some ass fucking.

Who's the lucky SOB that gets the pleasure of feeling that big, thick cock pound their hole? None other than the body-builder Stewart.

Stewart is only attracted to women, but he's been feeling a bit 'curious' lately, so before he changes his mind, we had to get him and Samuel involved in a kinky fuck fest.

The two get straight to the point by jumping into a hot makeup session while they undress each other. Once in the nude, Samuel goes down on the muscle hunk before they switch into 69, giving Stewart an equal opportunity to suck some cock (which Samuel much appreciated).

After sucking each other, Stewart asks if Samuel wants to fuck him. The answer is a big yes, and so the story continues with Stewart's ass in the air and Samuel mounted behind him, pumping his big member in and out of his buddies puckered hole.

This scene's hot hot hot, and doesn't disappoint one bit. They two finish themselves off and dump their loads onto each other before passionately kissing one another as the scene fades to black.



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