The Cop Fantasy

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Video Description: Tommy has the pleasure of orally-interviewing Riley, a 24 year old ex-military man from the deserts of Arizona.

Riley tells us his fantasy is to get it on with a cop...or at least a hot stud dressed as a cop. After asking his list of questions, Tommy thinks it's time for Riley to show us what he's hiding under those clothes. When he's all stripped down and naked, Riley just can't help but to play with himself. This of course leads to him taking a seat and going for it.

It doesn't take long for sharks to smell blood in the water, and it takes an equally short time for Tommy to pick up the scent of a fellow male masturbating to some good porn. This draws in Tommy, who tries to swallow and suck Riley's cock right off his body.

Riley is not afraid of the aggressive Tommy, he's actually turned on, and decides to pacify him by sucking on his cock. This works and Tommy is in heaven, squirming and moaning as Riley makes sure he keeps him subdued.

When Tommy wants to blow, he pushes Riley onto the couch, and plops down right next to him, furiously beating his cock, until he starts to cum on himself. Riley loves it, and this turns him on enough for him to start cuming too.

Tommy is drained, and so is Riley. Hope you enjoyed!


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Tommy D XXX

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