The Wrestler

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Video Description: One would think that after a while, Tommy would not be able to figure out new ideas for an original scene. But in reality, Tommy's quite smart and full of creativity, and this week, he thought up something that you're sure too love.

Tommy used to be a wrestler in high school, and today, he's applied that to porn. What do you get when you mix Tommy, porn and wrestling? You get a nude and lubed Tommy and Denny, slipping and sliding around like butter in a hot frying pan, while one tries to pin the other to the ground. Did we mention they're naked?!

We weren't sure if it would turn out well, but boy oh boy; this is one of the most fun scenes we've filmed Tommy in. And it's quite hot too!

Once the boys get tired of wrestling, they decided to cum. Why not right? Tommy services Denny, then Denny services Tommy, but with competition still in the air, they decided to see who can shoot their loads the furthest. One of them wins by a yard, but we won't tell you who...You'll just have to watch the video for yourself.



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Tommy D XXX

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