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Categories Solo, Twink, Slim, Guy/Girl
Video Description: We were out in the Midwest recently looking for athletic guys who needed some money when we came across Tom. A quite guy at first, once he warms up to you, he's very talkative and charming. He also possesses great manners and is very polite. We were in the area of this one towns swim hall when we spotted Tom walking out of the showers, on his way to jump in the pool.
Of course we intercepted him, and casually let him know what we're all about and what we had in mind for him.
He did tell us that he was a few hundred short of getting a slick new mountain bike, and that he's pretty open minded and down with trying new things. Everything works out for him, and us.
So ENJOY as this 23 year old swimmer / mountain biker relaxes with a cool glass of water in the kitchen and decides to play with himself on the counter. Later that day, he came back after doing some running and was in a mood for a warm shower to ease his muscles. He eases his love muscle at the same time. After all that physical exertion, he feels he needs to release a load while lying on the comfy bed. He must have been saving for a few days, as this stud spews juice all over himself.


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