Let's Get Some Fierce Ass

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Video Description: This week, Tommy has brought back the tall, handsome Fierce for some play. Not just any play though, as Tommy has already tasted Fierce's cock; Tommy's looking to get some ass!

The two plop down on the couch to start us off as Tommy introduces our familiar friend. There's no beating around the bush after that though, with Fierce and Tommy locking lips, passionately kissing until Tommy slides down Fierce's body and takes his shorts down with him.

Tommy bends Fierce over after sucking and being sucked. He slides his lubed cock slowly into the tight hole. Once situated, Tommy starts to slam that ass, with Fierce loving every thrust.

That hole sure is tight, and it's got Tommy and the verge of exploding, so he pulls out and shoots a SUPER load onto Fierce's chest. This gets Fierce going so much that he spews his seed onto himself as well. Very HOT!



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Tommy D XXX

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