Straight To Malaysia

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Video Description: This week, Tommy decided to do a straight scene for all you fans.

He's paired with the lovely Malaysia. What a freak she is too! Tommy, being the passionate guy that he is, loves deep, long, sensual kissing, so he lays his tongue down her throat to start the scene off.

Sitting on the couch, making out, sliding his hands up all over the petite beauty's body, Tommy's already hard. Malaysia switches positions and gives our guy some breathing room, only to get on her knees and unzip his pants.

Hmm, wonder what lurks down there. Perhaps the illusive Tommy D trouser snake, wait, illusive and Tommy's trouser snake together? Nah, Tommy LOVES showing off his member! She gobbles that thing down like it's the last cock she'll ever suck. And Tommy loves it!

After some more oral, our star brings the cock-hungry girl back to her feet, and demands she sit on his cock, which she happily does.


Tommy D XXX

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