A Good Surprise

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Video Description: Why do we all love Tommy ??

`Cause Tommy will try anything for his fans enjoyment! This week we caught up with Tommy who was hanging out with Ruby, an exotic beauty with a sinister side you would never expect.

These two start out with what you would expect from a normal guy and girl who can't keep their clothes on together. But what you don't expect is what happens next.

See Tommy isn't the only one that will be fucking somebody from behind in this scene. That's right, Ruby has a surprise for Tommy, its about 9 inches long, black, and is strapped to her waist. You can tell from the first thrust that this girl has some aggression to take out and Tommy is on the receiving end. Also evident from the thrust is the feeling of ecstasy on Tommy's face, from the first insertion to the last.

Enjoy a first of its kind on TommyDxxx.com , and remember Tommy does it all for the fans!


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Tommy D XXX

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