Tommy Brings Some Fresh Meat

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Starring Tommy D, Slim
Video Description: This week, Tommy somehow got himself a fresh, studly 18 year old to do a scene with him.

Meet Slim, a handsome, rugged young guy who has never even had a nude picture taken of himself, but Tommy's smooth talking got this guy onto the set to do an interview and stroke himself off.

Slim says he's straight, but we know Tommy has a way of getting guys to 'experiment'. For now, Slim is comfortable jerking off to some porn while we film. Thing is, Tommy doesn't want to be left out of his scene, so he pops in for a little voyeur action, which turns him on enough to secretly stroke himself behind our young, debuting friend.

A sexy scene with our favorite stud and a brand new, never filmed before young hunk. You'll love it.


Tommy D XXX

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