Tommy D Beads Up Some Ass

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Video Description: For this update, Tommy has brought with him a studly young man named Kyle.

At 22, Kyle is not stranger to the gym. As you'll be able to see, he is packing quite a nice body, including a 9 inch thick cock.

Tommy just wants to show off his newfound friend. Of course he asks Kyle whether he likes girls or guys, what he wants to get out of porn, and what his fantasy is; but he also wants to lick his ass and slide some anal beads up it...and that's exactly what he does!

For having something go up his ass for the first time, Kyle was extremely relaxed and was able to take every single bead up his tight hole. Tommy lets his friend know that he loves cum on his chest, hinting that that's where he should blow. Kyle doesn't disappoint, and shoots stream after stream of warm cum all over Tommy. Already drenched, Tommy spouts off too, moaning and flinging his own jism onto himself, creating a huge puddle of freshly squeezed man-milk, ready for the drinking!



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Tommy D XXX

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