Tommy D Pounding Arizona Outside

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Video Description: As much as Tommy loves the cock, pussy still is his favorite treat. While Tommy adventures in Canada, he keeps running into beautiful people to play with. Today, Tommy has the pleasure of introducing the gorgeous Arizona.

At the young age of 21, Arizona has been doing adult work for less than a year. With mostly lesbian work done, Tommy is only her 3rd guy she's been with on camera.

Tommy starts things off with some passionate kissing to get this girl warmed up. This of course moves right along to Tommy stripping her of her bikini, then going to town on her wonderful looking pussy. From here, Arizona moves to please him now, as she takes Tommy's rock hard cock into her warm, wet mouth and begins to milk it. This drives Tommy wild and gets him ready to slam some tight, pink hole.

When this happens, Tommy is relentless; pounding Arizona like she's the last girl Tommy will ever get to touch. He can't take it anymore, between how tight she is and how wet and warm it feels, Tommy pulls out, stands up and dumps his balls onto her face; stream after stream, Tommy's cock-snot shoots across her cheeks, lips and nose. She's not afraid, and shows this by wiping the cum off her lips then licking her fingers....Wouldn't you love to be her?



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Tommy D XXX

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