Tommy D'S Love Chain

Video Description: If you haven't noticed, lately we've been filming a lot of bisexual threeways. So far, the member responses have been great so we decided to up the anti and have 4 horny young people go at it. So here's Tommy, Tyler, Ruby and Mia having a bit of fun after dinner at Tyler's place.

The four start off playing in the kitchen where they strip down and go at it on the counter top. They then move into the bedroom where they finish their fun with Tommy squirting Ruby in the face with a high pressured cumshot, and Tyler dumping his load onto his girl Mia's face. Of course this isn't just straight action, this also happens to be Tylers first time touching cock. He strokes it AND he and Tommy get into a 69. 4 hotties having some smokin' hot fun.


Tommy D XXX

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