Tommy Is Toying Himself For You

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Video Description: As we all know, Tommy loves playing with himself...and we love watching him.

This week, Tommy wanted to take a break from showing off his friends, and show you, his fans, what he does when he has some anal beads, a camera man, some porn on his laptop and 20 minutes to kill.

Tommy gets right to the point, lubing up the beads and his cock. He asks the cameraman to hit play on this laptop and Tommy starts sliding his clenched hand up and down his glistening, lubed up hard pole.

As he's stroking, Tommy pulls out the beads and slowly starts to slide them into his tight little hole. Once all the way in, he goes back to gripping his cock. As he starts to pull the beads out, he lets us know how good it feels by letting out one of those famous Tommy 'Oh yeah's.

What a show Tommy, what a show!



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Tommy D XXX

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