Tommy Sucks Brodie Dry

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Video Description: Ever since we introduced Brodie on NextDoorMale the other week, we've been getting a flood of requests from our members.

We know he's hot, so it's not too big of a surprise, but we're still glad everyone's satisfied.

Tommy got wind of all of this and wanted to see what the commotion was about. Once Tommy met Brodie, he knew that this ex-military man would be great fun to play with and would be perfect for a hot scene. They got along well, so we busted out with the cameras later that day and filmed this hot encounter for you all.

Tommy introduces us to Brodie by asking him all sorts of questions before he tells the young stud to undress, sit down and get hard.

Tommy then proceeds to suck his cock dry. That's why we love Tommy...because he's just as perverted as the rest of us.

A really hot scene with too really hot guys.



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Tommy D XXX

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