Tommy Sucks On A Big Toy

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Starring Tommy D
Video Description: For the scene this week, we had Tommy lined up with this ripped, bi-guy John.

While we were setting up the lights, and Tommy was warming up, John called us and said he had to cancel and handle some personal things. We understand, but 5 minutes before the shoot!?!

We had to improvise and luckily, Tommy carries around a backpack that is filled with goodies...including a blue, 8 inch dildo. Tommy tried to convince the camera man to lend his cock, but it would have been too big for Tommy's mouth, so our guy tossed the dildo to our horny friend and told him to suck that.

Tommy loves the feeling of a round, full cock in his mouth. He starts working it, bobbing his head, licking the shaft, and around the head. This gets Tommy's cock yearning for attention, so he reaches down and starts tugging on himself as he deep throats the blue wanna-be cock.

After sucking and stroking for a good amount of time, Tommy wants to empty his balls on something, so we tell him to dump on the cameraman...who luckily was under some transparent cover, but still was able to see every once of Tommy's nut get shot from his cock And what a load it was.


Tommy D XXX

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