Tommy's Favorite

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Starring Tommy D
Video Description: Tommy's favorite female is Ruby, and Tommy's favorite male is Kenny. Tommy welcomes back to his site, the thick and boyish, but oh-so handsome Kenny, for some kinky X-rated fun.

The two were playing a bit of foosball a couple of days ago when we caught up with them. We rolled the cameras and told them to do what they do.

After their game, the two studs made their way into the house where Tommy, the sex-friend that he is, offered to suck Kenny's cock. Kenny, being not as shy as he used to be, was like 'hell yeah!' After blowing his buddy, Tommy is on the receiving end, getting his cock and balls licked by Kenny. They swap a few more times before blowing their man milk all over themselves; Tommy cumming so much that he shoots himself in the face.

Very hot, enjoy another kinky TommyDxxx scene!

Tommy D XXX

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