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Video Description: We got a call from this guy Travis the other week.
He had been referred to us by one of our previous Next Door Males. He wanted to do a scene, and possibly get onto our other sites as well.We invited the 24 year old college grad to come in for a shoot to see if he would be a good addition to our site.
Since you're seeing him as this weeks update, we can assure you he is a stud that matches with what we're trying to portray as a Next Door Male.
Travis enjoys road trips throughout the US and Canada, but has spendt most of his recent days working on a start-up business he and his buddy have been planning since college.
Very motivated is an understatement. We're sure this guy will be a millionaire by time he's 30.
With a chiseled frame, hairy legs and nice looking cut cock, Travis will be showing off his stuff while he tunes into some porn lying on the couch.
From there, he moves onto a stool then stands up, stroking his shaft to the blonde, fake-breasted porn goddess on the TV.
He enjoys the bed the best, so he takes his masturbation over there. Lying down on his stomach, he starts clenching his ass cheeks as he remembers doing that when he was a kid; got to love the bed humping.
This gets him going and he beats his pole with a fury rarely seen, bringing him to his awaited orgasm, which has his cock spurting cum onto his firm stomach.


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