Cody Cummings

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Video Description: Do we have a treat for you today...
Remember Cody, the 25 year old hung hunk we showed you a few months ago? Well, he's back, and looking as good as ever.This dark haired stud showed up at the house to get in a workout before leaving for a photo shoot. As Cody stretches his rippling muscles while outside on the front porch, he decides to strip down and enjoy the feeling of the spring breeze on his balls.
Being naked in such good weather turns him on, so he decides to tug on his cock a bit to excite himself. After getting hard, Cody chooses to wonder into the bathroom and admire his great body and huge member in the mirror. As he appreciates the beauty of his body, he also appreciates the feeling of stroking his cock.
Cody doesn't want to cum just yet, so he moves to the bedroom to unleash his balls while lying on the bed. He grinds the soft sheets first, then rolls over and strokes himself to a very satisfying, creamy orgasm, covering his hands and cock with his thick man-milk.
We love this guy and we hope you do too!


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